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If you still do not know what surah Naba means? And you are not aware of Surah Naba benefits. Then be attentive now. I want to tell you the wonders of this surah for the reciter that will amaze you.

So, in this article, I will try to cover all aspects of this surah you are not aware of. I will tell you the facts, meaning, and benefits of this surah briefly in an understandable way. I hope this article will help you to increase your knowledge of Islam.

Facts About Surah Naba (سورة النباء)

The Arabic word Naba means “Great News” in English. This surah is the 78th chapter of the Quran and contains 40 verses. This surah was revealed in Mecca, approximately in 614-618 AD. This surah was revealed in the early years, after Muhammad (S.A.W) declared himself as a Prophet.

Surah Name Surah Naba  (سورة النباء)
Makki/Madni Makki
Surah Number 78
No. of Words 174
No. of Verses 40
Order of revelation 80

Meaning of Surah Naba

This surah is revealed to the disbelievers of Islam. The surah gives a message to all of us that the Day of Judgment is almost near. Additionally, this surah describes the miracles of the creations of the world. And at the end, it describes the surprises and fear of the Hereafter.

Why Surah Naba Was Revealed?

When the Prophet (P.B.U.H) was preaching Islam and teaching about the last day (Hereafter). Some disbelievers didn’t believe in it and laughed at Him. And then this surah was revealed and gave the message that if a person is bad then hell is a place for that person.

And Allah will reward the virtuous with the blessing on the Day of Decision. So, this surah is a piece of great news for us as well as horror news.

Surah Naba Benefits

As it is cleared by the meaning (great news) of this surah, Then think that this surah brings many blessings for the reciter. So, let’s move toward the Surah Naba benefits.

1. To get respect

If you recite this surah 141 times, you will be considered a true follower. Moreover, Allah will give you too much respect and fame in this world.

2. Surah naba benefits for umrah

If you recite this surah daily with a clean heart, then InshaAllah Allah will give you a chance to see Baitullah and call you for umrah within one year.

3. ‘Tuhoor’ Sharaab

If you recite this surah daily, then Allah will give you a gift of Sharaab eTuhoor on the day of the Decision.

4. Benefits of memorising surah Naba

If someone memorises this surah, he will get a reward in this world and the next world. Also, his judgement will be short and light on Judgments day.

5. Cure Health issues

This surah is the best cure for reciter health problems. If you are suffering from stomach problems, then recite this surah, blow on water, and then drink this water. InshaAllah, all problems of the stomach will be cured.

6. Stay awake

If you want to stay awake to do some work or for other reasons, then recite this surah. You will not fall asleep.

7. Safe journey

If someone is going on a long journey, recite this surah before starting the journey. Then, your journey will be safe and easy.

8. To live a happy life

If you are not happy in your life and you feel like only a burden. Then recite this surah 71 times, after that recite surah (la ilaha illa anta subhnaka ini kuntum minaz zalimin) 41 times. Then you will be happy in your life.

9. Surah Naba benefits for eyesight

If you want to keep your eyesight better, recite this surah every day after the Zohar prayer. InshaAllah, your eyesight will never be affected by anything.

10. Acquire mercy

If someone wishes to seek the mercy of Allah, then recite the 37 and 38 ayat of this surah 113 times every day for 4 months.

11. Rich Harvest

If someone wants a bountiful harvest, he should recite the verses (37-38) above 141 times for 11 days and blow on the water in their plantation area. After that, the field should spray with this water.

Surah Naba benefits for marriage

Someone wants to marry a noble partner. Then recite this surah 141 times after the Isha prayer for 21 days. Allah will make sources for him to get married to the righteous person.

Benefits of reciting after Fajr prayer

The benefit of reciting this surah 101 times after the fajr prayer for 40 days will produce wages. Also, supplicate for food in dua.

Benefits of reading surah Naba after Asr

If you recite this surah after the asr prayer, it will benefit you a lot. If a person recites this surah 1 time after the asr prayer;

  • Allah will create a Noor in his heart and also award him a strong power of faith.
  • He will recite kalma when he dies.
  • Very effective to keep eyesight better.

Virtues of Surah Naba

  • On the Day of Judgment, the person who memorises and studies Surah Nabaa will have their figuring completed. In the same amount of time as it takes to say one prayer.
  • The eyesight of the reciter will never be gone till his death.
  • A reciter has a chance to visit Masjid ul Haram within the year.
  • The reciter heart will be filled with the light of faith.
  • The reciter will die in the state of Iman.

The bottom Line

In short, this surah is all about the day of the Decision. That’s why this is called Naba. Surah Naba benefits make it more effective and great surah. Surah Naba gives a significant message to the disbelievers that do a good deed because the Day of Judgement is coming.

As mentioned earlier, this surah is beneficial in this world and Hereafter. So, recite this surah daily to achieve success in this life and the next life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When this surah was revealed?

In the early days after Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) declared himself as a Prophet.



    As Salaam wa Alaikum JAZAKALLAH KHAIR AMEEEN for posting the info about Surah. An- Naba , I started with Quraan Journalling and started with Juz 30 your info about the surah is very helpful for me ALHAMDULLILAH may ALLAH ALMIGHTY reward you with all the benefits of surah An Naba and so many more blessings Ameen

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