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Jinns are also the creation of Allah and they are invisible. So, Allah describes this creation in the surah of the Quran. In this article, we will see the benefits of surah jinn. This surah reflects the reality of jinn. On reciting this surah, we gain knowledge about invisible creations.

This surah also covers many aspects of Islam. In reality, this brings to mind a historical incident concerning Jinn. Who was unable to bring the message of Allah from the sky. So, in this article, we will describe the meaning, facts, and benefits of this surah. 

Also, the historical background of this surah will be discussed.

Facts about surah Jinn

The surah lies in the 72th chapter of the Quran. It contains a total of 28 verses. And these verses are separated into 2 rukus. This Surah consits of 201 unique words without repetition. This surah was revealed in Mecca around 615-620 AD.

And it was revealed most likely, during the first several years after Muhammad declared himself to be a prophet.

Meaning of Surah Jinn

The term “djinn” originated from the Arabic word “jinn”. A plural noun that implied either “dark forces or spirits” or “kept out of sight.” The Quran mentions more than once that jinn is produced from smokeless fire and humans from the ground. Only mankind and jinn possess free will.

On Judgment day, Jinn will face similar questions as a human on their actions both in this life and the next.

Surah al jinn Benefits

This surah contains a bundle of advantages that every Muslim can take on reciting this surah. Some of the benefits of this surah are;

Punctuality for prayers

Reciting verses 18 and 19 of this surah will help one to remain on time for Salah. Recite this 41 times after the fajr prayer and 66 times after Isha prayer and then do dua every day. 

In the name of Allah, he would continue to offer prayers in peace and zeal.

Protection from shaytaan

The negative effects of Shayateen, or demonic spirits, can be successfully fought with the help of Surah Jinn.

Treatment for the influence of a bad spirit

The Aayat 33 al Hirz must be recited over someone to cure them if they are under an evil spirit’s influence.

Shield from an unjust person

One is shielded from the bad deeds of an unfair person by reading Surah Al-Jinn. So, recite this surah and take benefits of surah jinn.

Face no poverty

Nobody would ever experience hunger or misery if they correctly recite this surah.

Helps in paying the debt

Recite this surah if you are full of doubts. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, new opportunities will arise and debts will become simple to repay.

Protection from evil jinns

Keeping the Surah Jinn amulet will protect you from Jin. It gives you the upper hand in arguments or conflicts and ensures the safety of your possessions and money.

Help in releasing prisoner 

Prisoners who recite Surah Jinn are granted early freedom.

Freedom for Jinns

If jinn recites this surah, he will be free from captivity. It is also mentioned in Hadith; [Tafsir-Majma AL-Bayan, 10/365]

Companionship with Prophet (PBUH)

The verses of Surah Jinn offer a defence against Jin. And the reciter will be present also with Prophet Mohammed (SAW) on the Day of Judgment.

Shield from evil persons

Surah al-verses jinns provide defence against other people’s misconducts. So, surah al jinn benefits you in so many ways.

Defend yourself from ghosts, fairies, and evil spirits

This surah is useful in those situations, such as when demons are present in homes, workplaces, factories, or other locations. Then, to rid your home of ghosts and their negative effect, recite this surah.

You should repeat the surah jinn continuously throughout the day and night.

Cure for physical and mental illness

For 21 days, recite Surah Jinn to gain employment and find relief from bodily and mental illnesses.

To be free from incarceration

If someone is facing legal proceedings and feels guilty about it, recite this surah. He should routinely recite Surah Jinn to be released from custody soon.

As described above there are so many benefits of reading surah jinn. So, recite this surah and solve your problems.

Significance of surah jin

The verse al-jinn addresses several jinn-related superstitions that people had. And it implies that the Prophet invited both humans and jinns to Islam. Our defence against the miseries of the world is this Surah. 

So, under Holy Prophet PBUH, the majority of such Jinns converted to Islam and embraced it. This scripture verse of the Quran is known as Surah Jinn because it listens. So, there are many benefits of reading surah jinn.

Revelation reason 

Many eminent Muslim commentators and scholars offered numerous interpretations of the disclosure of this surah.

Abdullah bin Abbas claims that when the Prophet SAW while he and his companions attended the fair of Ukaz. This Surah was revealed. He (PBUH) was reciting Fajar’s prayer with his companions at the time of revelation.

Here I will discuss some miraculous benefits of surah jinn.

Learning from surah Jinn

This surah gives us a lot of learning on different aspects. Like;

    • Allah would favour people in this worldly life if they remained faithful on the straight path.
    • Only Allah is the rightful owner of the Masjid, and only He should be worshipped there.
    • In verses 26–28, Allah informs the unbeliever that He is aware of their secret. So, recite it and get the benefits of surah jinn.
    • In verses 16–18, Allah warned the Muslims that following the path of Mushrakeen would bring about dire consequences. 
    • Anyone who neglects to recall Allah will experience immense sorrow at the hands of Allah.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, a surah jinn shows the reality of unseen things. And also the benefits of surah jinn will help to solve the problems. You can recite this surah and get help in matters about jinns and evil things.

Also, this surah guides us to worship only one Allah and remember Him every time. Allah knows everything because He is the creator of man and jinn. So, don’t be afraid of the unseen creation, and keep reciting this surah for protection.


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