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Why You Can’t Fasting During Period | Periods and Ramadan

Millions of Muslims fast every day from dawn to dusk throughout the duration of Ramadan. But the question is can you do fasting during period. Many people go through multiple cycles of fast and refeeding. Menstruation is a typical physiological process, and the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis regulates how frequently it occurs.

So, in this article, I will discuss that it is possible to fast during the period.

Periods and Ramadan

Women refrain from fasting during their periods because the Almighty forbade it out of pity. Since women lose blood during their periods, which can induce weariness. Fasting would therefore unfairly tax them. Since a believer is seen as spiritually pure in Islam, it has no connection with impurity or purity.

So, sometimes you must think about it, should I fast during my period?

Should you fast during your period?

Fasting is not permitted when on your period. 

    • She is prohibited from fasting the subsequent day if a woman’s period begins during Ramadan during the night. It is defined as any time between the start of the Maghrib and the beginning of the Fajr prayers. As soon as she is menstruating, she must continue to refrain from fasting.
    • A woman’s fast on that day will be invalidated if her cycle began that day during the day. She’ll have to make up for that quickly afterward. She must once more keep from fasting for the duration of her period. So, fasting during your period is not allowed.
    • A woman must take a ghusl, a ritual bath. And she is required to fast the following day if her menstruation ends at night. That is, between the beginning of Maghrib and the beginning of Fajr.
    • If a woman’s period arrives during the day, she must take the ritual bath known as ghusl and must then fast till Maghrib for the remainder of the day. She can’t consider this to be a typical fast for her, though. 
    • The remaining days she was menstruating as well as that day’s fast would still need to be made up.

According to the above discussion, fasting during periods is not allowed in Islam.

Intermittent fasting during period

Depending on the type of fasting, you may limit or eliminate calories for a predetermined time of 24 hours. One to three days without eating is referred to as prolonged fasting. Here question arises can woman fast during periods or occasionally choose to fast only on the water during these prolonged fasts, taking no nutrition during that time.

‍ No phase of the cycle poses an issue for intermittent fasting. However, prolonged fasting periods or water fasts are advised to be avoided while menstruating.

So, don’t do longer water fasting during periods because it does affect your health.

Effects of intermittent fasting 

Calorie restriction has an impact on the hypothalamus, the portion of the brain which controls hormones. The gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), is necessary to start the production of the reproductive hormone and is important for menstruation.

 It may not be secreted by the hypothalamus. Problem periods arise because the ovaries cannot communicate with the body even without the release of these hormones.

Alcohol during fasting period 

Whether we talk about fasting on your period or intake of alcohol will can end your fast. Any consumption of alcohol during a fast will end it because it includes calories. Nevertheless, it is permissible to consume alcohol in moderation when you are eating.

When it comes to drinking during intermittent fasting, it’s crucial to refrain from doing so.

The bottom line

In summary, fasting during period is not allowed in Islam. Also, the consumption of Alcohol is not allowed during the fasting period. If someone wants to do intermittent fasting, like water during a period, then don’t take a risk to your health. It is not healthy for your body.


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