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Wudu is sometimes described as partial ablution. As opposed to full ablution, or ghusl, in which the entire body is cleaned. In this article I will discuss this question; does cursing break your wudu? Also, we will learn which things you should avoid that can break your wudu.

What breaks the wudu?

The things that can break your wudu are;

  • Najash

Najasah of any kind invalidates and nullifies your Wudu. In Islam, there are several types of najasah, either liquid or solid substances that originate from the private area. 

It consists of things like farting, blood, Madi, urine, excrement, and sperm.

  • Vomiting 

One of the things that might undermine and negate your Wudu is vomiting. Any vomit that leaves your mouth, be it made of food, water, or bile, will render your Wudu invalid.

  • Getting Alcohol

One of the activities that invalidate and break your Wudu is drinking. Being intoxicated when using alcohol violates Islamic law and renders your Wudu largely invalid.

 Additionally, being intoxicated is a common human activity that results in loss of consciousness and control. Due to this, it renders your Wudu invalid.

  • Lost consciousness

One of the things that breaks and invalidates your Wudu is being faded. No matter how long or how briefly it occurs, it keeps invalidating your Wudu.  

It seems obvious that a fainting break would render your Wudu invalid. Whether or not it is related to your disease, it continues breaking and making your Wudu invalid.

  • Sexual Activity

Having sexual relations is one of the things that break wudu. This includes when you consciously or unintentionally touch the flesh of someone who is the opposite sex to you outside of your mahram.

The extreme sexual purpose during a sexual encounter may invalidate and void your Wudu.

  • Sleeping 

Sleeping invalidates and breaks your Wudu. People will lose awareness while they sleep. According to Islamic law, becoming unconscious invalidates and annuls your Wudu.

  • Flow of Blood

One of the reasons of breaking wudu is flowing blood, especially blood that originates from your intimate area of the body. Additionally, if it spreads and leaks, your Wudu will be rendered invalid. 

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Does cursing break wudu

There is no proof to indicate that cursing or swearing breaks one’s ablution.

Nevertheless, these are not the characteristics of a Muslim. Thus, a Muslim should refrain from using profanity in order to uphold his religion and exercise restraint.

Cursing according to Islam

Cursing either violates wudu or not, according to Islamic doctrine. However, Muslims must refrain from using foul language.

Does cursing break your wudu?

No, profanity has no bearing on a person’s wudu. However, swearing is forbidden and calls for true remorse. The prayer of atonement (salat al-tawba), which is two rakats of prayers offered after repeating wudu. 

And is followed by a request for Allah’s pardon and atonement, which is an excellent example of such repentance. 

But what breaks wudu is mentioned above in this article.

Punishment of Cursing in Islam

According to this saying of Hazrat Ali, a curser would receive retribution in the shape of a scorpion in his afterlife. For each curse word, he used during this life. Just thinking about it gives one shiver.

Final verdict 

In summary, does cursing break your wudu? Wudu is not rendered invalid by cursing. According to the proper viewpoint, doing wudu after using foul language is required by Islam. Like gossip, harmful discussion, lying, slandering, or immoral speech.

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