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Ramadan is the blessed month in which Allah chains all devils so that human beings could not commit any wrong deed. But other than that, why do we sin in Ramadan? Which things compel us for doing wrong deeds in this Holy month?

Moreover, in this article, we will see why a man does the wrong things even though the devils are chained up in this month.

The main reason for sinned during Ramadan 

The main reason for doing sin during Ramadan is the inner soul. If it is bad then you surely commit a misdeed.

Although devils are imprisoned throughout Ramadan, it is not surprising to witness people breaking the law in the open. Because, not all misdeeds are motivated by the Devil whispering, instead, one’s the bad soul. In other words, Nafs might lead one to transgress and even conduct crimes. 

Is shaytan locked up in Ramadan?

The mentioned Hadith shows that devils are chained up in this month and doors of paradise are opened. 

Term chained up the real meaning

Channing doesn’t mean that devils cannot influence you. It means that the powers of devils are weak in this month. So, we see a reduction in sins this month. But we can say that still, the devil can influence us.

Other reasons for sinning in Ramadan

Some other reasons of, sinned in Ramadan are evil souls, bad people surrounding us, or bad practices that may compel us to do wrong deeds in this holy month.

  • Bad habits 

if someone is indulged in a bad habit, and cannot control his habit in this Holy month. So, he does sin even if he fasts for the whole day. His soul will compel him to do this.

  • Negative people

One main reason is our company. If you are surrounded by bad people, you commit a sin. And even this month will not matter to you anymore.

  • Evil souls

If you want to get success in this life and the next, you should have control over your Nafs. But if your inner soul is bad, then your fast and prayer will be useless.

These are some reasons why we sin in Ramadan. So, control your Nafs for the pleasure of Allah.

Are sins multiplied in Ramadan?

After doing sin in Ramadan, what about the consequences of sin? Also, has it multiplied? 

Such a claim is not supported by the Quran or the prophet’s Sunnah. Ramadan being such a holy month, it is logical to assume that sins are severely abhorred. Even though we commit sins every day, we should exercise considerably greater caution during Ramadan. 

Due to our transgression, even if the consequence is not increased, we run the risk of not receiving the rewards for the good activities we carry out.


In a nutshell, Ramadan is the Holy month in which shaytan are chained up. But why do we sin in Ramadan? The main reason is your inner soul. Allah tests the believers or unbelievers. And see that they may commit a wrong deed if shaytan is not here.

Do good deeds and control your inner soul. So, your fasts and prayers will be accepted this month.

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