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Patience is one of the most beautiful things which Allah gave the Muslims. I will tell all of you a Dua for patience in this article. Also, I will define what sabr means. And will tell the rewards which Allah will give after this life on patience. Sometimes it is hard to bear some severe hardships. And in this situation, the only way of treating this hardship is to have patience. Because, after every difficulty, there must be easiness and it is our faith in Allah.  

What is sabr?

Sabr is an Arabic term that simply means ‘patience’. Islam’s use of the word sabr implies a very vibrant, cheerful aspect. Even in times of prosperity and an abundance of benefits, sabr is indeed a feature that should be present. 

It can be defined in different ways. Like:

  • The ability to resist from doing wrong or engaging in illegal activity is referred to as sabr.
  • Sabr is the capacity to acknowledge that Allah’s will has predetermined every aspect of life.
  • Sabr is the power to continue in attempts to conquer challenges.
  • According to Islamic law, sabr refers to a group of people who respond favorably to Allah’s order.

Dua for sabr

Every Muslim should pray from Allah in his hardships and also ask Allah for sabr in the form of dua.  Here, I will tell you the patience dua in Arabic. You can make this dua a part of supplication after every prayer. This dua is 250 ayat of Surah Bakarah.

In this dua, we request Allah to give us sabr and give success to us on non-Muslims.

 Can Anyone Offer a Dua for Patience?

Many Muslims have a little misunderstanding about whether they should offer dua regarding patience or not. That is to say, under normal situations, you shouldn’t pray to Allah for sabr? 

You still can ask Allah for sabr even in normal conditions. You should ask Allah to give sabr to bear incoming hardships and difficulties. 

Sabr in Quran

The Quran also stresses patience in your difficulties. The Quran contains 90 references to Allah mentioning His patient quality. So here I will sabr ki dua in the Quran. And also give you some references from the Quran about sabr.

The Quran is filled with several texts which are either in some way related to the quality of patience. And it indicates the significance of Sabr.

So, according to the ayah, Allah told us to do sabr and not to grieve over hardships through His Prophet.

Also, Allah tells us in this ayah to do sabr. And an individual who will do sabr, Allah will give him more. Al Quran (Surah Fussilat: 35)

Dua and sabr In Hard Moments

In your hard times, you should make a dua while explaining the challenges you are facing using your wording. Also, you can add this dua to your supplication. Al Quran (Surah Al-A’raf-7:126)

The amazing part is that no one will be able to endure listening to the misery we are experiencing. The situation differs regarding Almighty Allah. He desires your feedback. So, He gave us dua for strength and patience. These two duas among other duas make us strong if we recite them in a delightful way and with honesty.

How would Muslims recite dua for patience?

A Muslim must not supplicate to Allah to check him with hardships in peacetime when there are no challenges. On the other hand, if it inevitably happens, a Muslim must pray to Allah. And ask Him to give them the tolerance and comfort to handle the circumstance.

Types of tests from Allah

Allah takes different tests from His human being in different ways. He checks the sincerity of a man towards Allah. Or He checks if a man is sharing this with me or someone else? So, Allah takes different trails in different forms. Such as;

  • Both particular and general anxiety.
  • Need of food.
  • Wealth, property, animals, etc.
  • death losses
  • Fruit losses, including reduced production or loss of a yield.

So, always take any loss positively, because in every work there is an expediency of Allah.

Lessons behind the difficulties

The man should always get the lesson behind the difficulties and do dua for patience and anger.

  • Trials and tribulations are good for a believer’s Tawheed, Trust, and dependence on Allah.
  • Problems demonstrate that such a life is only an amusing temporary stay. And the ideal life is the one that comes afterward.
  • It teaches us that without patience, we are unable to maintain our position of loyalty and truth.
  • The Hardships always remind us that Allah is the only one who can solve our problems.

So, recite the dua for patience in every hard time and get closer to Allah.

Rewards of sabr 

Allah will give a reward to the individual who will do sabr in this world. And the one who always makes dua for sabr and strength.

  • Higher state in Jannah

The one who doesn’t grieve over difficulties and hard times, Allah will rank him at the higher level in Jannah. It is proved with the following Hadith; (Muslim Book 70: patients)

  •  Proof of love with Allah

Disasters, difficulties, and testing are evidence of Allah’s concern for believers. These are similar to a remedy, even though they may be unpleasant. But we accept them because they come from God which is proof of love.

  • No punishment on judgement’s day

Undoubtedly, suffering through trials and difficulties is preferable to retribution in the afterlife for believers. His status is improved, and his faults are forgiven by those who suffer more in this world. 

So, always do sabr and shukar in every worse situation. Don’t be sad, because this life is not real. Life after death is real life. So always do dua for patience during difficult times.

Final verdict 

In conclusion, as we discussed above Allah sends every difficulty to His creation. And the human being feels bad. But he doesn’t know about doing sabr on this difficulty, he will get more and better. 

Also, I mentioned dua for patience in this article. So, you can recite these two duas in your time of trouble with sabr. InsahAllah, Allah will help you and finish your difficulties.


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