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The longest surah in the Qur’an is Surah Al-Baqara, although Al-‘Imran is also quite long. After Al-Fatiha and Al-Baqara, it is the third surah in para 1, and it has 200 ayahs. There are benefits to memorizing and reciting Surah Al Imran. So, this article will guide you on how you can get Surah al imran benefits.

Surah Imran Facts

Let’s begin with the name Al, which signifies descendants. Imran is referred to as Hazrat Imran, Hazrat Maryam’s father. There are 200 Ayahs and 20 Rukus in Surah Al Imran. As it was disclosed in Medina, it is a Madani surah. According to Tarteeb e Tilawat, it’s the third Surah. It is the 89th Surah, based on the Tarteeb e Nuzool.

The term Al-Imran refers to Imran’s family. Since Maryam and Isa are Imran’s daughter and grandchild, respectively, this surah primarily recounts the history of Imran’s family. Imran’s wife made a promise that her unborn child would devote his or her life to serving Allah. The advantages of Surah Al Imran are numerous, extending from bodily safety to religious instruction. We’ll talk about some incredible advantages of reciting Surah Al Imran every day in this article.

Marriage wazifa of surah Imran 

The wazifa is mentioned below;

  • 11 times, recite the Darood.
  • Then repeat the first 3 Ayats of this Surah 319 times.
  • Recite the darood 11 times once more.
  • Following that, make a dua as follows:

I wish to get married to a suitable partner of your choosing, Ya Allah. Please keep reciting the wazifa till you are wed if you aren’t wedded after 21 days. If you go over your allotted time, you don’t need to worry about finishing this Wazifa anymore. Until you get married, just keep repeating it after 21 days.

Wazifa to fall your partner in love 

This is the following wazifa;

  • Make a new wuzu and repeat Surah Al Imran Ayat 31.
  • Read the surah to make another fall in love with you. While picturing the person you want and praying fervently.
  • The wife should recite Surah Maryam seven times if she wants her husband to adore her.
  • Additionally, make a request to Allah for your husband to love you.

You may find genuine love by using prayer to make someone fall in love with you. They’ll want you more and develop romantic feelings for you as a result.

Surah Imran benefits

There is no denying that each verse and each surah of the Quran have unique advantages and blessings. Since they are the words of Allah, which is why they are full of benefits. Here are some important benefits of Surah al imran ;

1. Get mercy of Allah

The person who recites this Chapter on Friday will enjoy Allah’s compassion till dusk. And the angels will also offer a prayer for his pardon.

2. To end troubles 

The person who is having trouble making ends meet should put it in writing, wrap it in fabric, and wear it. Then he won’t ever have to struggle to make a living.

3. For ease in childbirth

Give this surah on paper, wrapped in a cloth, to a mother who is giving birth to a child. In giving birth, it will conceive her.

4. Surah al Imran ayat 26-27 benefits

Reciting Ayat 26 and 27 has the advantage of acting as spiritual protection.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to Muadh (RadiAllahu anhu), “Should I not teach you a prayer which, when used to plead Allah. Allah shall settle your debts, even if it is as enormous as Mount Uhud. Then, He told these ayats.

5. Surah al Imran ayat 154 benefits

  • You can get rid of a headache if you recite this verse 7 times and then blow it on your head. You can do this wazifa yourself or someone can perform on your behalf.
  • Your difficulties will change into ease with the blessing of Allah if you recite this verse 40 times. Do this after the prayer of fajr.
  • You can get respect from everyone in your firm if you go to a meeting after reciting this ayah 7 times.
  • If you want to get a victory against your enemy then recite this verse 12 times.
  • This verse is also the cure for black magic so recite this verse 40 times and blow on a person. Do this for 3 days. InshaAllah any magic and evil will be cured.

Let’s learn more surah to get the miraculous Surah al imran benefits.

6. Surah al Imran last 10 ayat benefits

‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas (RA) reportedly said to Kuraib:

He slept in his maternal aunt Maimunah’s (RA) home, who was the Prophet’s wife. He said: “The Prophet of Allah and his wife reclined along the mattress while I sat down opposite them. Until midnight, or just a little bit before or after, the Prophet slept out. 

The Prophet (PBUH) sprang out of sleep and started rubbing his face with his palm. He continued by reciting the final 10 verses of Surah Al Imran. He rose after performing wudu properly from a water skin that was hanging there. And went to stand and pray.”

So, it has been proved from this that you can perform sunnah if you recite these verses. So, recite these verses and get the last 10 verses of surah al imran benefits.

7. Solve marriage issues

People who are having trouble getting married should recite this surah for about 21 days. You will be married within a set period of time if it is Allah’s will because of the blessing of reading this surah. You always remember to say one thing during your required prayers.

8. Clouds to protect from Hellfire   

The Imam (A.S.) said that reciting Surah al-Baqarah and Ali-‘Imran will cause these Surahs to seem like clouds. To shield the reader from the intense heat on the day of judgment.

9. Surah al Imran ayat 107 benefits

Here is the ayat 107 of surah Imran in Arabic;

Surah-al-Imran-ayat-107-benefitsThis ayat tells us those people whose faces have become brighter will be in Allah’s grace and will remain there.

10. To avoid headaches and back pain 

Recite Ayats 8 and 9 11 times to relieve headaches and migraines. To relieve back pain, recite Ayat 145 for 11 times. So, in this way reciting this surah brings a lot of Surah al imran benefits for the reciter.

11. Surah al imran ayat 38 benefits

The ayat in Arabic is mentioned below;

Surah al imran ayat 38 benefitsZachariah then prayed to his Lord, calling out. My Lord Give me a lovely child from Your blessings. You are the Prayer Hearer. So, recite this ayat and pray to Allah.

Surah al Imran last ruku benefits

The last ruku of this surah teaches us different lessons which are an advantage for us if we follow;

  • Resurrect a Sunnah 
  • Supplicate in front of Allah 
  • Be inspired by Allah’s promise.
  • Don’t be duped.
  • Never sacrifice your deen for the world.
  • The three pillars of success are taqwa, steadfastness, and patience.

So follow these guidelines and get the benefit. I hope you will recite surah Imran on a daily basis after knowing the wonderful Surah al imran benefits.

Final verdict 

In summary, surah Imran is the second greatest surah and has a lot of benefits. It is very effective, especially for marriage. So recite the surah every Friday and get a special reward according to Hadith. Furthermore, Surah al imran benefits will help you in every matter of life. 

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