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Wudu is the most important part of prayer. Sometimes this question must be raised in your mind: does vomiting break wudu? In this article, I will discuss that does vomit always render a wudu invalid.

Does vomiting break your wudu?

A mouthful or more of the food or liquid vomited invalidates one’s wudu. A mouthful is something that cannot be readily avoided.

It makes no difference if the vomit is made up of food, water, or bile. Regardless of whether it is vomited in small amounts, wudu is invalidated if the overall amount equals a mouthful.

What do scholars say about it?

Imam Abu Haneefah and Imam Ahmad are two scholars who hold the belief that vomiting renders wudoo’ worthless. However, Ahmad made it clear that excessive vomiting does render wudoo worthless. So the answer of does vomiting break wudu is clear from the upper discussion.

Does baby vomit break wudu?

A tiny bit of baby vomit gets on the garments after it spills beyond a mouthful. It is acceptable for prayer if it isn’t too much. When at all feasible, one should remove this amount before praying, although doing so is optional.

The prayer remains legitimate anyway. Even if one might have left the best. It is neither wrong nor evil to leave a tiny quantity of filth before praying. For many people, particularly moms with young children, this is a fantastic dispensation.

Does touching vomit break wudu?

A person’s wudu is still legitimate even if they come in contact with vomit. A simple wash of the area of the body or cloth that these contaminants may have touched. It is all that is required of the individual doing wudu before making himself accessible for prayer.

Does swallowing vomit break wudu?

It is forbidden to intentionally swallow vomit. Intentionally swallowing vomit during a prayer invalidates it.

You should be aware that as long as the vomit does not end up in your mouth. It is safe if it goes to your stomach. If it got stuck in your mouth, you can’t swallow it since it’s ritually unclean.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, wudu is purification before prayer by serving as a bodily and spiritual preparation. In this article, I have discussed the question: does vomiting break wudu in different conditions?

So, recite your prayer with all your purity. And Allah is the only one Who accepts your prayers.

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