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Do you know how many Makki Surah there are in the Quran? There are 114 Surahs in the whole Quran. Moreover, they are divided into Makki and Madni surahs. This article is all about the number of Makki surahs with their names in the Quran. Most verses of the Makki Surah are short. So, this article will give all the information about surahs in the Quran.

Makki and Madani surah in Quran

Generally speaking, the Prophet (P.B.U.H) received the Holy Quran over the course of 23 years. The Holy Quran was initially revealed at Makkah and completed in Madina. Ayats are the names given to the verses that make up each surah.

Makki Surahs are very simple to hifz whenever it comes to memorizing the Quran. Because of their simple rhyme phrases. Madani Surahs, on the other hand, require practice to remember since they include instructions, obligations, and laws.

How many makki and madani surah in the Quran?

There are 28 Madni surahs out of 114 total surahs. In the Holy Quran, there are 86 Makki surahs. The Quran’s Surah Al Fatiha is also referred to as the Makki and Madni Surah.

What are the makki surahs?

Makki Surahs are those that are revealed before Hijrah. Therefore, the verses that were disclosed during the Prophet’s first trip to Taif and those that were disclosed during hijrah are Makki. 

Even the verses that the Prophet received during the Night Journey are regarded as Makki. Makki Surahs describe a person’s character, and strong faith in the unity of Allah, the Day of Decision, Heaven, and Hell. 

Makki surah in Quran total to 86. The first Surah to be revealed at Makkah was chapter 96 of Surah Al Alaq.

How Many Makki Surah In Quran?

The list of 86 Makki surahs with names in Quran are mentioned below:

Surah Name Meaning
Surah Al-Fatiha the Opening
Surah Al-An’am   The cow
Surah Al-Araf   the Elevations
Surah Yunus     Jonah
Surah Hud   
Surah Yusuf     Joseph
Surah Ibrahim   Abraham
Surah Al-Hijr    Al-Hijr valley
Surah An-Nahl the Bee   
Surah Al-Israa   the Night Journey
Surah Al-Kahf  the Cave 
Surah Maryam  Mary
Surah Taha  
Surah Al-Anbya the Prophets
Surah Al-Mu’minun   the Faithful
Surah Al-Furqan   the Criterion
Surah Ash-Shuaraa     the Poets
Surah An-Naml the Ants
Surah Al-Qasas the Story
Surah Al-Ankabut  the Spider
Surah Ar-Rum  the Byzantines
Surah Luqman  
Surah As-Sajda  
Surah Saba  Sheba     
Surah Fatir  the Originator
Surah Yasin  the Ranged Ones
Surah As-Saffat Drawn up in Rnaks
Surah Sad    
Surah Az-Zumar   the Throngs
Surah Ha-Mim   
Surah Az-Zukhruf  The ornaments of God
Surah Ad-Dukhan  Smoke
Surah Al-Jathiya   rowling
Surah Al-Ahqaf The wind- Curved sandhills
Surah Qaaf   
Surah Az-Zariyat   The scatterers
Surah At-Tur    the Mount
Surah An-Najm the Star
Surah Al-Qamar the Moon
Surah Al-Waqi’a   Imminent
Surah Al-Mulk Sovereignty
Surah Al-Qalam the Pen
Surah Al-Haqqa the Inevitable
Surah Al-Ma’arij   Lofty Stations
Surah Noah   Noah
Surah Al-Jinn   the Jinn
Surah Al-Muzzammil Enwrapped
Surah Al-Muddathth  Shrouded
Surah Al-Qiyamat  Resurrection
Surah Al-Mursalat  the Emissaries
Surah An-Nabaa   the Tiding
Surah An-Naziat   the Wrestlers
Surah Abasa     He Frowned
Surah At-Takwir   the Winding Up
Surah Al-Infitar the Rending
Surah Al-Mutaffife     the Defrauding
Surah Al-Inshiqaq  the Splitting
Surah Al-Buruj the Houses
Surah At-Tariq  the Nightly Visitor
Surah Al-Ala    the Most Exalted
Surah Al-Gashiya  the Enveloper
Surah Al-Fajr    the Dawn
Surah Al-Balad the City
Surah Ash-Shams  the Sun
Surah Al-Lail    the Night
Surah Adh-Dhuha  the Morning Brightness
Surah Al-Sharh Expanding
Surah At Tin     the Fig
Surah Al-Alaq  Clinging Mass
Surah Al-Qadr  the Ordainment
Surah Al-Adiyat the Chargers     
Surah Al-Qaria  the Catasrophe
Surah At-Takathur      Rivalry
Surah Al-Asr    Time
Surah Al-Humaza  the Scandal-monger
Surah Al-Fil      the Elephant
Surah Quraish    
Surah Al-Maun Aid
Surah Kausar    Abundance
Surah Al-Kafirun  the Faithless
Surah Al-Lahab The Flame
Surah Al-Ikhlas Monotheism
Surah Al-Falaq Daybreak
Surah An-Nas Humans

Furthermore, the above details are enough about how many makki surah in the Quran as discussed. 

Total makki surah in Quran

Here the question arises: How many Makki surahs are there in the Quran? The total Makki surahs are 86 that were revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) before Hijrah. Makki Surahs make up two-thirds of the Quran.

One thing to keep in mind about Makki quranic verses is that they include the offering of a Sajdah. You will be able to discover the narrative of Hazrat Adam and Shaitan in Makki surahs. With the exception of Surah Al Baqarah. 

Number of Makki Surah In Quran details

How many surahs are makki? As the total number of Makki Surah in the Quran is 86. These surahs are often not very long. These are the issues they address:

  • Belief in Allah’s oneness.
  • Belief in judgement day.
  • Belief in the consequences and rewards for good and evil conduct.
  • The acceptance of Heaven and Hell.
  • A person’s moral character.
  • Invitation to morality.

Longest Makki surah in Quran

The seventh chapter of the Quran, Surah Araf, has 206 verses. It is the longest Makki surah. And it was revealed at Mecca. In the Surah Araf, God and humanity made a covenant. 

In which all people bore witness to God’s unity, His lordship and the afterlife. Surah Araf recitation will increase sustenance and act as a defense against Shatan on the Day of Resurrection.

Final verdict 

In conclusion, you should now be aware of the number of Makki surah in the Quran. I hope that this article was detailed enough to help you grasp the distinction between the Makki and Madani Surahs. hopefully the information provided detailed knowledge about Makki surahs. The Quran is the blessings of Allah which was revealed by the Prophet (PBUH). So, recite the Quran and get the reward.

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