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What is the Importance of surah Yaseen?

Surah Yasin is the 36th chapter with 83 verses in the Holy Quran. It is Makki surah that has revealed on our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. It is called the heart of the Quran that covers all 6 basic articles of Islam. It includes Allah’s belief, and belief in the day of the resurrection. What is the message of Yasin sharif? Summarise the surah Yasin in this definition. 

Surah Yaseen has the introduction, 6 parts, and then the conclusion. In the introduction, Allah Subhan O taala mentions the book’ the prophet’s sirat’ and the destination.“Yaseen” the Quran Hakim is giving us the lesson that you have the way, the light, and the guidance. And the destination is Allah subhanahu ta’ala.

Facts About Surah Yasin

Surah Name Ya-Sin ( يٰسٓ )
Opening muqaṭṭaʻāt Yā Sīn
Makki/Madni Makki
Quran Surah 36
No. of Rukus 5
Ayat/Verses 83
Position Juzʼ 22 to 23

What are 6 articles that give us a lesson in Surah Yaseen?

Wisdom of Quran

Yasin Sharif is breaking it up into 6 parts. It is the best way to remember what kind of stories are found in surah Yasin. The first part of the surah highlights how the Quran is only a revelation. 

And how does the surah have the power to revive the hearts? That is the point of the first passage that the prophet has given this recital to talk to a nation that is completely heedless and unaware from generation to generation. And they recognize the divine nature and power and wisdom of this remarkable Quran. That’s the first part.

History, prophets, and past

The second part is all about the long story again not told anywhere else in the Quran of a nation that dont has to receive one but three messengers. In ayah, Allah is saying we enforced them with three messengers that would preach to them and they still don’t listen and they would ridicule mark to the point where another came from out of nowhere from the far end of another town. He came running and spoke to them and said you need to follow the messages.

The amazing thing is that you do not have to get these three prophets at the same time. That is the point. Those three messengers spoke briefly in the Quran and one of their believers was Asahab you can say. This is what Allah has mentioned in this second part of the surah Yasin that is so remarkable to understand for believers.

Have you ever Pondered around you?

The third part is a signature from different places in the Quran where Allah asks the people- okay that’s fine that you didn’t want to think about the revelation and you are not going to learn from history, at least look around you. 

You will wonder about the world. Have you thought about the earth? That’s dead, that’s been brought back to life. Have you pondered over ships that sail on the sea? Have you pondered the sky? This kind of thing is what Allah has highlighted in the surah Yaseen. And have you ever pondered over your children? That is how they make the journey to prosperity. 

The Quran says: They board their children up onto boarded ships. Like today’s parents are putting their children on flights to go for college education. Have you reflected on how they perform their duties and who has given them the blessing to do this? Allah said: How I give you the grace to be able to live good lives and flourish in this world. That’s this third part.

Stubborn and the blind:

Part number 4 is contrasting with part 3. It’s a brief part with 3 ayah where Allah says: some people just refuse to see no matter what you show them they don’t want to hear. They are just blind to the truth. So these are people that refuse to ponder, what is before them and what they have behind them. Which are interesting verses for them. Allah said: be cautious of what is right in front of you and what is behind you. So you may be showing mercy is a very succinct way of saying. 

Why don’t you look at what is right in front of you which is a thing to reflect on as you visibly see them? And, what is behind you as history, which was the previous part before 4. Here the Quran talks about itself, it talks about the history and the world around us. Now it is saying the people who refuse to look around them, and will remain stubborn on what you say. They don’t want to change their behaviour.

Consequences of being stubborn

Allah is saying in the fifth part about the consequences, the day of the judgement, the resurrection day, and even people being thrown into hell fire. And, this is the horrible scene of judgement day and resurrection, where very little attention is given to those that are saved.

The majority of the time, Allah has highlighted those that have not been saved and why they were not saved. So the 5th part is stating about the scary part of hell fire. In Yasin surat, it is more emphasised in scary scenes of resurrection. The fifth part is the middle of the surah covers the people of Jannah and everything around 

Talk About the Quran

In the sixth part, Allah is pointing toward and talking itself to Quran-e-Majeed. Where the first part was stating with Quran wisdom or Hakeem. So this part Allah is saying is not just poetry, but it is full of wisdom. Allah says: we didn’t teach him poetry, it doesn’t fit him either, it’s not befitting the prophet SAW. so I saw them that would just make poetry to entertain people. this revelation is not there to entertain people. 

So these are the sixth messages from the Quran that are explained through Yasin surat.

Now let’s find out the virtues of the Surah Yaseen

Virtues of surah Yaseen

Surat Yasin is a great chapter of the Quran. Surah Yaseen is a very blessed surat who has many virtues in it. Allah Subhan O Tala is explaining in the Holy Quran for believers there are blessings and rewards in the Holy Quran, who are unjust there is hellfire for them. 

Since this surat, Yasin covers all the important things in life and it is a great chapter for those who understand, and are on the right path. Allah will bestow him with prosperity in Dunya and akhirah. 

Surah Yasin is the heart of the Quran:

Hazrat Muhammad SAW said that there is a heart for everything, the heart of the Quran is Surah Yaseen. (Tirmidhi 2887).

According to this hadith, this surah has the main element that is enough for a Muslim’s life. If they will recite it Allah will bless them in every way. Surah Yasin is a metaphor for the Quran. So it is recommended to add this surah to your daily practice. 

Hazrat Anas narrates that Rasul Allah said: 

He who recites surah Yaseen one time will get the reward of reciting the Quran 10 times. (Tirmidhi vol 4)

Surah Yaseen, narrated by Hassan Al BasARI SAID!

“ Whoever recites surah Yasin in the night, till morning his sins shall be forgiven”

This surah has a special place in the Quran and is the way of forgiveness for the believers. So if you are deep down in the sins seas and want to get relief from it. You should recite surat, Yasin. Allah subhana taala will wipe away all your sins and make you like a newborn child with its recitation. 

Imam al munawi said: every Muslim should recite surat Yasin regularly as it is the best way to remove all sins rather minor or big.

Surah Yaseen Benefits

1. Benefits of marriage 

The person who is not getting his spouse, and getting difficulty in finding the right partner. He should recite surah Yassen, with Allah’s grace they will find the right person due to this surat barakah.

2. Benefits during pregnancy

If the woman suffers from any weakness during pregnancy, then she should recite surah Yasin for a healthy baby. 

3. Protection against enemies

The person who has fear of enemies, Allah will keep him under his protection if he recites surah Yasin. 

4. Helps in life issues

The one who will recite Yasin Shareef Allah will help him in any way of life. 

5. Health benefits 

The person will get health benefits by reciting surah Yaseen. 

6. Surat Yasin sharif has come up with lots of benefits. Allah shall forgive that person who will recite Yasin sharif in their lives. They will get the reward in Dunya and akhirah. 

7. Forgiveness

Nabi Kareem SAW said: the who will recite surah Yaseen in the night merely seeking Allah’s will, all of their sins will be removed.

According to these hadees, Muslims should add it to their daily routine, so that they can get the reward in form of elimination of all of their sins, and wrong acts that they have done. And you must know about how merciful is Allah. But if you don’t repent or recite for seeking Allah’s will. They have scary hellfire for the unjust. 

8. Ease one’s death:

Prophet SAW said: if you see someone dying on the deathbed, start reciting Yasin surat that will ease his/her death. 

On another occasion, reading surah Yasin by a dead one will ease death. 

According to this Hadess, if the person is near death, and he is bearing pain on the deathbed, so he should recite surah Yasin or listen to surah Yasin for ease in death. It will also forgive all of his sins. 

9. Fulfilling one’s needs:

Prophet SAW said: the person who will recite surah Yasin in the morning will get the fruitful reward in becoming all of his desires comes true and fulfilling his needs.

We sometimes got disheartened for not getting the desired job and loss of money. so, if we read surah Yasin in our daily life. Then Allah will remove all of our worries and bless us with his fruitful rewards. Like we never have a lack of money, happiness, and wealth.

What happens if we read Surah Yasin online?

Surah Yasin is the greatest chapter in the holy Quran and the lessons for the unjust or disbelievers.  If you have installed the Quran app on mobile phones, laptops, or any digitally smart devices that have Quranic apps. Then make sure to get ablution before reciting or reading surah Yasin. As it is Kalaam narrated by Allah that must require ethics and respect. 

You can read surah Yasin online with proper ethics. The same rewards will be given to you as you read the Quran. At least, get in contact with Allah in any way. The purpose is to seek Allah’s love, mercy, and blessings. So there is no objection to listening to or reading surah Yasin online


Surah Yaseen is the 36th chapter with 83 verses in the Holy Quran. This Makki surah that is revealed by our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad saw. This surah covers stories of historical, Quran wisdom, three messengers of Allah, stubborn and disbelievers, and a description of the day of resurrection, punishments, and death. 

This surah has many virtues for a righteous person. This surat Yasin benefits us in so many ways. This is a gift for sinners to get forgiveness by reciting it. Muhammad PBUH said if you recite the surah Yaseen or read by close to dead people then he will get the ease in dying. 

May Allah give us grace to recite surah Yasin daily in life to get rid of sins, and all wrong acts. May Allah forgive us and give us his protection in Dunya and akhirah. 

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