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Do you frequently find yourself up late at night worrying about the upcoming day? Or are you exhausted and stressed and unable to fall asleep? Don’t worry, I will tell you a beautiful dua that you can recite before going to bed.

Cure for difficulty in sleeping 

If physical factors are the source of sleep deprivation, the condition should be treated by experts in the area. On the other hand, one should add spiritual healing to such therapy. Which is accomplished by asking Allah, the Lord of sleep, for help.

The Prophet (PBUH) admonished us to do dua for sleep before reading the final three Surahs of the Quran. And advised us to go to bed in a condition of purity. If you have trouble falling asleep at night or have insomnia. Use that opportunity to be near the Almighty and offer one of the most fruitful prayers. 

Recitation of dua before sleeping

Did you know that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed specific rites every night before going to sleep? One of such customs was saying the dua before going to bed. One of the main advantages of reciting dua before sleeping helps you to get calm sleep. So recite the following dua before going to bed if you face difficulty in sleeping.

Dua to overcome difficulty in sleeping

 Zayd Ibn Thabit is quoted as saying, “I complained to the Messenger about my difficulty to sleep; he then instructed me to recite these words:

English translation of dua 

If you want to recite dua for difficulty in sleeping with its English translation then you can recite it easily from here; Here I will share some further sleep pieces of advice and sunnah of the night to cure your sleep problem.

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Resolve your sleep issue 

  • You might be able to get self-help books for stress, sadness, and anxiety at your nearest doctor’s office. You could require treatment for your anxiety or sadness. 
  • Going to bed early helps one get up earlier for worship and start the day feeling more rested. And ready to work or complete daily responsibilities.
  • Three times, apply Surma (Kohl) to each eye.
  • Sleeping with one leg over the other while on your back is likewise not permitted.
  • Sleep after doing wudu.
  •  Sleeping with your right side facing the direction of prayer.
  •  To lie down with the right hand serving as a cushion beneath the head and the legs slightly bent.
  • Reciting Surah Mulk before going to bed can also protect you from receiving a severe penalty. Both Surah Yaasin and Surah Mulk should be read.
  •  Reading Surah Waqi’a before going to bed prevents one from becoming hungry and living in poverty.
  • Must recite dua for difficulty in sleeping, if you have a sleep issue. It will help to cure your sleeplessness. 

Sunnah before going to bed

According to the Prophet (PBUH), whoever reads this before going to bed. He will have a protector from Allah stay with him. And Satan won’t be able to approach him till he wakes up in the morning.

Final verdict

In summary, we should follow the instruction of Islam about Sleep. And if anyone of you has a sleep problem then must recite the dua for difficulty in sleeping. You will get better results inshaAllah.

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