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The Quran is the book of Allah. So, there are etiquettes that we should follow when reciting the Quran. In this article I will discuss that; can you read the Quran without hijab? The Quran should be recited respectfully and devoutly, according to Islamic law. 

So, we will see whether it is right to read the Quran without covering your head or not. Or is the hijab required to read the Quran?

Important things while reading the Quran

According to scholars, there are some optimum conditions for reciting the Quran. It includes being clean, facing the qibla, sitting up straight, and being free from distractions, and other conditions.

However, it is also stated in the major texts that reciting the Quran is in a less formal setting. It is still permitted and continues to bring great rewards.

But the question is can you read the Quran without hijab?

Is it necessary to do Hijab while reciting the Quran?

No, anyone can read the Quran without a hijab because it is not required to do so. Since there is no proof that this is a requirement. All you need to do is perform wudu, find a peaceful, clean location where you can read, and then begin.

To put it another way, even if there is a usually preferred style to recite the Quran, the religion has provided lots of latitude on this subject. In order to motivate people to repeat this honourable text as frequently as they can.

 When Hijab is required?

Yes, it is possible to read the Quran without putting on a hijab. While wearing one is required during prayer, it is not required while reading the Quran.

A Muslim woman is required to cover her hair when around males she does not know.

The correct way to Read the Quran

  • The initial and most crucial step is to prepare wudu. The Quran cannot be handled or held without Wudu. In order to gain spirituality and mental clarity, as well as out of respect, do this.
  • Respectfully seated while reading the Quran.
  • Position the Quran so that it is elevated.
  • Use your right hand to hold the Quran.
  • Recite the Bismillaah and Istiaazah.
  • There’s no rush; recite the Quran carefully.
  • . While reading, make every effort to observe Tajweed customs. It’s important to focus on pronouncing words correctly because doing otherwise could alter their meaning.
  • Try not to chat while reciting and read in an area where no one will disturb you.
  • Fulfill all of the Quran’s requirements. This signifies that you should do a sajdah if you locate one. Don’t put it off because if you do, you’ll neglect to do it.

It is clear from the above discussion that can you read the Quran without hijab. So, recite the Quran with its requirements and get the reward from Allah.

Final verdict

In summary, Can you read the Quran without hijab? The answer is that hijab is not a requirement for reading the Quran. But it is necessary to fulfil all the conditions like wudu, sitting, and no talk when reading the Quran. 

Some scholars say that it is better to do Hijab but it is not obligatory. So, cover your head according to Islamic guidance. Allah knows best. Try to please Allah by reading the Quran with the given requirements.

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