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Surah Yunus

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Surah Yunus is one of the important chapters of the Quran which mentioned the Prophet, Yunus. Throughout Yunus’s story, Allah imparted to the believers the lesson. And it is that a person with genuine Islamic character may rule the world via the power of their character. Yunus’s example demonstrates how a person of great and pure character may triumph despite trying circumstances. So, in this article, I will discuss the facts, benefits, and some important ayats of this surah.

Facts and meaning of Surah Yunus

Surah Yunus is the 10th surah of the Quran, which is Arabic for “Jonah”. There are 109 verses of this surah. It is Makki surah and was revealed in 613-618 AD. There are 888 unique words used and 11 rukus. It is named Yunus because one of its passages makes a passing reference to the account of Jonah. Additionally, this surah recounts the lives of Moses and Noah.

Surah Yunus in which para

This surah is present in Juzz 11 and revealed in the order of 51.

Main theme 

Surah Yunus discusses a wide range of topics. Including, the Evidence of Allah’s strength, proofs of the Existence of Allah, Revelation, Prophethood, and Prophetic Delegation. The opening words of this Surah extend an invitation to follow the straight path. To those who thought it was unusual that a human was carrying forth Allah’s message.

Here I will tell you some important ayats of Surah Yunus.

Surah Yunus ayat 3

Allah mentions the evidence of His mighty control over everything in surah Yunus. He mentions the making of the earth and the sky, for instance, as one of the shreds of evidence of His strength. 

Surah Yunus ayat 61

Ayat 61 of this surah talks about the followers of Allah. Sometimes referred to as awliya, are those who have a firm belief in Allah. They are devoted to Allah, and their primary interest is gaining His favour. They use extreme caution in all of their life’s endeavours.

Surah Yunus ayat 65

In these verses, Allah addressed the prophet and told him, not to let what the people say hurt him. Allah alone has all glory and authority. All-Hearing and All-Knowing describe Him. So, don’t be hurt. And believe me.

Surah Yunus ayat 81

This verse is about the Prophet Mosa (A.S). When some magicians did their magic then Mosa said that this is only magic and Allah will surely expose this. And Allah does not support the corruptors.

Surah Yunus ayat 85 86

In Surah Yunus ayat 85 and 86, believers of Allah Prophet Moses ask Allah for mercy. 

We have relied on Allah and given Him our adoration and prayers, He told his people’s believers. They are tyrants and oppressors who have no concept of mercy and who do not grant rights to their owners. 

Therefore O Allah, make them overwhelm us and do not grant them control over us. To, prevent them from torturing us and causing us to renounce our faith. O Allah, protect us against disbelieving individuals who lack both generosity and the ability to be dissuaded by religion.

Surah Yunus 107 Ayat

Additionally, only Allah can remove whatever harm He does to you. And no one can withdraw His reward if He has good intentions for you.  He distributes it to any of His slaves that He pleases. So He’s the Most Merciful, All-Forgiving.

Surah Yunus ayat 108

In this ayah, Allah says to His prophet to inform mankind. Your Lord has undoubtedly revealed the truth to you. Therefore, it is exclusively for the benefit of the one choosing to be directed. Whoever decides to stray, will only suffer their loss. And I am not your keeper.

Benefits of Surah Yunus

Surah Yunus has many wonderful benefits. Like;

1. Great Reward

It is believed that if someone recites Surah Yunus. The reward would be equivalent to how many people lived in Hazrat Yunus’ (A.S) nation at the time.

2. To admit the mistake

The one who inscribed this Surah on a tray or porcelain plate, Cleans it with rosewater. And mixes flour with just that water, and bakes it. And distributing a slice of the bread to each person will be the true offender who will admit guilt.

3. Ease in delivery

A lady giving birth will have a smooth delivery if this surah is read to her. And recite it to be truthful and with a focus on Allah.

4. To detect something

Who inscribes Surah Yunus on paper and stores it in their home along with a list of all the prisoners’ names. And, allowing him to discover any conspiracy by any of them.

5. Allah’s favorite person 

Once you recite this surah once every two to three months. You won’t be afraid of joining the company of unbelievers. And Allah will elevate you on the Day of Judgment to be among His Favorite People.

So, these are some benefits of surah Yunus that can be proved helpful for you.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, we learn that the surah Yunus is one whose recitation bestows the reader with a wealth of qualities and advantages. In addition, it is a surah that instructs us in a variety of lessons via the accounts of Noah, Moses, and Jonah.

We shall learn more about Quran’s teachings and become closer to Allah by reciting this surah, God willing.


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