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Do you want to know something important about Surah Noor? Why this surah revealed and its true meaning? What are the main theme, facts, and significance of this surah? Do you also know the wonderful advantages and great virtues of this Surah? 

Don’t worry if you still don’t understand some of these highlighted facts. For a comprehensive discussion of this surah, this article is the best option. This article will instruct you on the background of the surah as well as its advantages. Firstly, I will tell the facts of this surah. Then I will further discuss the meaning and benefits of this surah in detail.

Facts of Surah e Noor

This surah is found in the 24th chapter of the Quran. It consists of 64 verses. Moreover, there are 676 unique words without any repetition. This surah was revealed in Madina about 6A.H / 625-629 AD. This surah is present in the 18th juz of the Quran. There are 9 rukus in the surah, 11488 words and 5670 letters.

Surah Name An Nur ( ٱلنُّور )
Makki/Madni Madni
Quran Surah 24th 
No. of Words 11488 
No. of Letters 5670
Ayat/Verses 64
No. of Rukus 9
Position Juzʼ 18
When Revealed? 6A.H / 625-629 AD

Surah An Noor Meaning

As shown by the name of the surah An-Noor which means ‘The Light’. This surah starts with several justifications. And rulings relevant to immoral sexual behavior, marriage, and requirements for offering evidence. This Surah contains several guidelines for the growth of a community based on morality and goodness.

Why Surah Noor Revealed?

The only Surahs in the Quran that guide “Parda” are Noor Surah and Surah Ahzab. Many sources claim that this surah was revealed after the Bani Mustaliq fight. The event involving the Prophet’s wife Aisha happened upon their return from this journey. 

When Aisha returned to her tent after going in search of her necklace, the camp had already dispersed. She waited in the hope that someone would come to get her. Safuan, who had been left behind to gather items, discovered her the next day. When people noticed them together, they started spreading rumors that they had been having an affair. To protect Hazrat Aisha (R.A) from the rumors, the Surah was disclosed. It was also disclosed to establish moral guidelines, as well as to condemn and chastise people who distribute false information.

The main theme of Surah Noor

The main theme of this surah is to give a message to live life in the right way. This surah describes the good morals of society. The topic of privacy and modesty, particularly as it relates to hosts and women, is discussed in this surah. It discusses male-female relationships and standards for Muslim women’s attire. Also tells the laws governing the punishment of immorality, and laws governing those who accuse one another of adultery or obscenity.

Issues and Guidance

Surah al Noor guides about different issues which are estimated to be normal in everyday life.

  • Etiquettes of entrance in another house
  • The penalties for rape, infidelity, and adultery.
  • Providing false testimony about any of these crimes is punishable by law.
  • Laws governing mixed-gender gatherings.
  • Helping slaves achieve freedom.
  • Rules regarding visiting a married pair’s room.

Significance of Surah Noor

This surah is the most beautiful surah of the Quran like the name of Surah. This surah tells us about the righteous way to live a life within the limits. And if someone crosses the given limits of Allah, then he will be punished surely. This surah is important because it proved the innocence of the Prophet’s Wife. Also, it tells the punishment outlines for immortality. The surah sharply condemns one for promoting indecency and, accusing someone of being impure, and indecent acts.

So, this surah is like a light of guidance for us. And we should take advantage of this surah as much as we can.

Benefits of Surah Noor

If you recite this surah there a countless benefits and virtues for you. If you want easiness in your life and Hereafter then must recite this surah.

Protection from Evils:

If someone recites Surah Noor on a daily basis, then it will give you benefits. Like;

  • It will protect the reciter and his dear ones from the evils of this world.
  • After the death of the person who recited this surah, seventy thousand angels will take him to the grave. And they will pray for his forgiveness all the time.

Great Reward

If someone recites this surah every day, Allah will reward him 10 times greater than believing men and women.

Protect from erotic dreams

  • If someone writes this surah and then places a paper under a pillow, he will never see sexual dreams.
  • Also, it will avoid the reciter to see wet dreams.

Protection from troubles

This surah will protect the reciter and his close ones from troubles and difficulties. He will never see the difficulty in his life when reciting this surah.

Purity of children

If someone recites this surah daily, it will protect your children’s chastity and innocence. Additionally, this recitation will protect your home’s female members from immoral behaviour.

Surah al noor ayat 35

This ayat of this surah is known as ayat al nur.

  • If someone recites the ayat 35 of this surah 256 times daily, He will see true dreams.
  • Surah Noor ayat 35 is also effective for the eyes.

Seek forgiveness

This surah will help the reciter to seek forgiveness of his sins from Allah. So, recite Surah Noor to get forgiveness.

Surah Noor for beautiful face

Recitation of this surah automatically gives a Noor on the face of the reciter. If someone with skin issues like pimples, dark spots, and many more. Then recite this surah, Allah will heal your skin problems and give you natural beauty.

Surah Noor ayat 40

This ayat of the surah will help anybody who escaped. And he can come back with the blessing of this ayat.

Benefits for Women

This surah is very beneficial and important for women. This surah helps to guide every woman in terms of every matter like hijab, marriage, limits, and many more.

Surah Noor for marriage

This surah not only guides women but also guides them about marriage issues for Muslims. like;

  • It advises Muslims not to marry adulterers.
  • Marry the one who became young. Don’t get worried about their rizq. Allah will make them generous.

Surah Noor ayat 32

The ayat of this surah guides them to get married. Some highlighted points of this ayat are; 

  • Marry ones who are still unmarried. And Allah will be generous to them. 
  • Allah knows everything. 
  • Don’t be worried about the rizq before nikah, Allah will open different paths for the married couple.

Surah nur ayat 31

The ayat of this surah is totally about the guidance of the women. This ayat tells us that

Don’t show your adornment in front of other men except for some blood relations. 

  • And don’t walk like that from which your adornment showed. 
  • Protect your Devoutness. And don’t cross any limits 
  • Always seek forgiveness from Allah.

Surah Noor ayat 30

This ayat of Surah Noor is especially for men’s behaviour and limits. It gives a lesson to men that

  • Hold your eyes down and don’t stare at anyone. It is not ethical.
  • Protect your private parts.
  • And Allah sees everything which you do.

Virtues of Surat al Nur

Like there are many lessons and benefits inside this surah, similarly, the virtues of this surah are countless. The virtues of this surah are;

  • The reward of reciting this surah is 10 times greater than a believed man and woman.
  • Angels will pray for the forgiveness of the reciter of this surah after his death.
  • With the blessing of this surah, face beauty will increase the reciter and get a natural glow on the face.
  • The reciter of this surah will not face any difficulty and worries in his life.
  • This surah will always save the reciter and his close ones from the evil and evil eyes of others.

Guidance in Surah Noor full

This surah guides us in very important matters of life. Some guidelines are;

  • Relations within the Muslim community should be based on trust rather than mistrust.
  • All Muslims are presumed innocent unless found criminal.
  • You need to get permission before entering someone else’s home.
  • Don’t spread any false news about someone.
  • If you can help a slave, then help him to get freedom.
  • A criminal who commits Zina will be punished in this world and the Hereafter.
  • Guidance of appropriate behaviour and self-covering for both men and women.

Guidance for Women

Surah Noor is proper guidance for women. Like;

  • Elderly women are permitted to remove their head coverings while at home. But they are not encouraged to show off their jewellery.
  • Marriage is encouraged and required, even for slaves. Due to the risk of immorality among the unmarried.
  • Men and women must always lower their gazes when near one another.
  • Women are taught to cover their heads and breasts before leaving their houses so that only their slaves or close relatives see them.

Guidance for Slaves

This surah also guides slaves. Such as;

  • Because in Arabia, prostitution was only permitted for this class of people. Slave girls are not allowed to engage in it.
  • Muslims have meals with one another to foster intimate ties. For relatives and close friends to eat at each other’s houses, no official invitation is necessary.
  • It is claimed that believers and hypocrites can be distinguished from one another by their outwardly distinguishable characteristics.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, Surah Noor is a very beautiful surah of the Quran having many benefits and virtues. This surah is a package of guidance for Muslims, both men, and women. This surah tells the limits to everyone for an easy and decent life full of respect and modesty.

This surah talks about marital affairs, adultery, and the punishment of different sins. The major reason for the revelation of this surah is to guide the women and men of society by giving an example. So, seek a lesson from this surah, apply it in practical life and recite it daily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Surah Nur Makki Surah or Madni?

Surah Noor is Madni Surah.

By order, what’s the ranking of Surah Nur?

The position of Surah noor is Juzʼ 18.

How many number of words are present in Surah Nur?

There are 11488 number of words in Surah Noor.

How many number of letters are present in Surah Nur?

There are 5670 number of letters in Surah Noor.

How many number of verses are there in Surah Nur?

There are 64 total ayat/verses in surah noor.

In which chapter of Quran, Surah Nur can be found?

Surah Noor can be found in the 26th chapter of Quran.

How many Rukus are there in Surah Nur?

There are 9 rukus in Surah Noor.

How many times Noor mentioned in Quran?

49 times the word Nur and its derivatives occurs in the Quran.

When was Surah Noor revealed?

Surah Nur was revealed in 6 A.H / 625-629 AD.

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