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As we all know that some chapters of the Quran comprise great virtues and benefits. Surah Nas and Surah Falaq are one of those chapters. These surahs are very compatible with each other in terms of their revelation and benefits. Both surahs are present at the end of the Quran.

But some of us don’t know some aspects of these surahs. Like meaning, significance, reason of revelation , main theme, virtues, and benefits of this surah. But this article will cover all aspects of these surahs.

So, if you want to know all the information about these surahs then this article is more suitable for you!

Facts about Surah Nas and Surah Falaq

Surah Nas is the last chapter of the Quran in which the word Al- Nas means ‘humankind’. This is the 114th surah of the Quran, the shortest but influential surah present in 30 juz. It contains 6 verses. And it is a Makki surah revealed in approximately A.H. 7. 

Surah Falaq is the second last chapter of the Quran. This is the 113th chapter of the Quran and is present in 30 juz. The surah name Al-falaq means ‘Dawn or eventide’. It contains a total of 5 verses. This Surah was also revealed in Mecca in about A.H.7.

  •  Al-Muawwidhatayn (المعوذتان)

Surah Nas and Falak both are known as Al-Muawwidhatayn. It means ‘find refuge’. So, these two surahs are also called verses for finding refuge. Also, these two surahs are included in 4-Qul.

Revelation Reason

The reason behind the revelation of these two surahs is that when the Prophet (P.B.U.H) started to preach Islam then some enemies of Islam (Jewish) wanted to stop the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and hurt Him in different ways and means.

And when they didn’t find any results then they took help with black magic. After that, the Prophet (P.B.U.H) became ill. In this situation, Jibril came and instructed the prophet to recite these two surahs. After reciting these surahs, the Prophet (P.B.U.H) was cured completely.

Meaning of surah Nas and Surah Falak

The meaning of Surah Nas is that always seeks refuge in the king and God of mankind. Seek refuge from an evil suggestion of humans and negative energies from Allah.

Surah Falaq means to take refuge with the God of Dawn or sunrise. Seek refuge from the darkness of night, evil actions of humans, and jealous people.

In short, the meaning of both surahs is only to look toward Allah for your protection from evils.

Significance of Surah Falaq and Surah Nas

The significance of these surahs can be estimated from this; these two surahs are part of 4-Qul and are named as Al-Muawwidhatayn. These surahs are both for protection purposes. Also, it is the best thing to recite these surahs.

Allah closed His book with these two surahs. Also, Allah gave us a way how we can protect ourselves from evils by reciting these Surahs.

Main theme of Surah Falaq and Surah Nass

The main theme of these surahs is to always take guidance from Allah in every matter of life. Take help only from Allah in your difficult moments. Seek protection from evil thoughts, from the night, from evil jinns, humans, black magic, and jealous people.

Because Allah is the only lord and king of men who can protect all of us only Allah is the protector of us.

Best time to recite Surahs

There is no any time restriction for reciting the Quran verses. But there are some moments in which the acceptance chances are increased. So, it is said to recite these two surahs 3 times in the morning and before sleeping to protect you for the whole day and night.

These are countless advantages and virtues of these surahs. So, try to take advantage of these surahs.

Surah Nas and Surah Falaq Benefits

Surah Nas and Surah Falaq are short surahs but the benefits are numerous. So, here we will see how we can take these advantages in our daily routine to make life comfortable.

  • Easily Memorable

As you all know that these surahs are short. So, one can easily recite these surahs daily and memorise them in a short time.

  • Surah al Falaq and Surah An Naas for protection

Both surahs are protective surahs for us. These surahs can protect us from;

  • Evil thoughts.
  • Evil Jinns.
  • Shaytan.
  • Different types of magic.
  • Evil eyes and jealous people.
  • Different diseases.
  • Negative energies.
  • Protection for the Whole night

Whoever recites the surahs before going to sleep, Allah will protect him for the whole night. He will be safe from any fear of night and fearful dreams. Also, our Prophet (P.B.U.H) recited the surahs before bedtime according to this Hadith. 

  • Mentally comfortable

If you recite these surahs, then it will help to comfort your mind. Because you know that no one can harm you under the protection of Allah.

  • To remove curses

The main benefit of these surahs is that they are effective in removing all types of curses created by humans. So, if someone feels any sign of curse on him, then recite these surahs frequently.

  • Immediate Prayer Acceptance 

The acceptance of duas will be instantaneous. If someone recites these surahs after every compulsory prayer regularly with a true heart.

  • Protection in Long Journey

If someone is going on a long journey and feels unsafe. Then recite these surahs 11 times and blow on him before going on any journey.

  • No evil thoughts (Waswasa)

This surah will help to control the evil thoughts of a person. Waswasa is the most common illness of the mind. So, if you want to avoid those thoughts which attract you to do evil things, then recite these surahs.

  • Protection shield against evil Jinns

If you recite these surahs at any place like your houses, offices, and another living place. These surahs will shield your place from evil jinns. And your house will be protected from the negative energies of jins. 

  • Security from a jealous person 

we know as a Muslim that jealous person not only hurt himself but also hurt the other person. So, Allah specially stated it in the last verse of surah Falaq. Also gave the solution to protect you in the form of Surahs.

  • Protection from the Unknown threats

Surah Nas and Surah Falaq protect the reciter from all dangers that he cannot see. It will keep safe the reciter from dangers like;

  • It will keep the reciter safe from thieves, scammers, and fraud people.
  • It will protect someone from fake friends who pretend to be a friend but actually cannot bear your happiness.
  • It will protect someone from liars or hypocrites also.
  • It will keep us safe from hidden and evil enemies.
  • Protection from every evil creation

The surahs will not only protect you from evils but also from any created thing which can harm you. Everything that we are experienced in our lives, such as;

  • Harmful animals and insects like venomous snakes, dogs, crabs, and many more.
  • Small insects like mosquitoes and different spiteful bees.
  • Disasters such as floods, earthquakes, heat waves, and other natural calamities.
  • Magic cure for all serious diseases

The most effective treatment for fatal diseases and illnesses is these surahs. The surahs can help to cure all health issues like;

  • Different types of illness and infections.
  • Mental disorders such bipolar disorder, sadness, fear, and many types of phobias.
  • Continuous fever, severe and deadly diseases.
  •  Protection for one Friday to next

Surah Nas and Surah Falaq guarantees for the protection to the reciter. If someone recites the surahs 7 times after offering the Friday prayer, then he will be safe. He will be safe till next Friday.

  • Protection from the Dark night

At night, shaytan is very active to misguide a human being. And compel him to do evil deeds. So, the surahs give us a lesson to seek refuge from the darkness of Night. 

  • Recite before sunrise and after sunset

It is said to recite both surahs 3 times in the morning and the evening. It will be sufficient for you in every way.

  •  Strong Spiritual power

These surahs will not cure you physically but also spiritually. It will strengthen your Iman on Allah. And also give you inner comfort because you feel safe under the protection of the Lord Allah.

Surah Nas and Falaq 100 times

If someone recites these surahs 100 times in his house and office. That place will be safe and protective from shaytan and jinss for the incoming 40 days. 

In short, recite these surahs to protect yourself and your house from every evil in this world. Also, it will benefit you the Hereafter.

Surah falaq and Naas for black magic

Black magic is a bitter reality of this world. And this is a dangerous weapon to destroy anyone. It is very common now. But Allah has also told us the solution to this Black magic.

  • Reciting these surahs will help you to break the black magic.
  • It will help to remove the curse from anyone.
  • You will be protected when you recite these surahs and any type of magic will not affect you.

Virtues of Surah Nas and Surah Falaq

As I described above the benefits of these surahs, likewise the virtues of the surahs are great and special.

  • The Prophet (P.B.U.H) is recorded as saying. ‘That recitation of these two surahs is equivalent to reciting all of the writings of the holy prophets.
  •  If someone recites these two in 3 rakats of the night prayer. Then he will receive good news in the form of acceptance of his Witr prayer.
  •    If you recite the surahs with surah Ikhlas ten times before sleep. 
  1.  Then it will equal the recitation of the whole Quran.
  2.  You will be cleansed of your sins like the day you were born of his
  3.  When he passes away that day or night after recitation, he will die as a martyr.
  • Surah Falaq must be recited 3125 times after Isha for 40 days to become its Aamil.
  •  If you recite the surahs before your departure. This surah will safeguard your dear ones in your absence. 
  •   If you want to avoid evil eyes from someone. Then recite the surahs and blow on water and give the patient to consume it for three days.

Final verdict

In summary, although both surah Nas and Surah Falaq are recited for protection purposes with their importance separately. The main message of the surahs is to take help from Allah when you face any difficulties in your life. 

Allah has already told all the solutions to every problem in His book. So, seek help from the surahs to avoid any evil, jin, diseases, and fears. And recite the surahs daily for their clear benefits to appear in your life.

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