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Some of the chapters of the Quran guide a man very well. Surah Dahr is one of those chapters of the Quran. This surah gives a great message to a human being. This article will share what actually this surah says.

Also, I will share the main theme of this surah. This surah shows that this life will end one day. And you will get in the next life what you have done in this life.

Facts about Surah al Dahr

This is the 76th chapter of the Quran. And it is present in 29 para. This Surah consists of 31 verses and 196 unique words are used without repetition. This surah was revealed in Madina in about 613-618 AD. Also, the other name of this surah is Surah Insan.

Surah al Dahr Meaning

The words Al-Insan and Dahr mean man and endless time, respectively. In this Surah, the means of achieving both physical and spiritual progress are described.  Along with their character and attributes, the righteous’ benefits are also described.

Where was Surah Dahr revealed?

This Surah was revealed at Mecca Most likely in the early years after Muhammad announced his prophethood. Many interpreters and certain traditions claim that it is a Madani Surah or that portions of its verses, particularly Verse 8–10, were revealed at Medina.

These verses were revealed to appreciate the Prophet (PBUH) for having such a family. When Ali (RA) and Fatima (RA) fasted for three days for the health of Imam Hassan and Hussain. And they gave a portion of food to the poor. And when the Prophet (PBUH) met with them, He found them in a hunger condition. Then the verses of surah ad dahr were revealed.

Main theme

The main message of the surah Dahr Quran is to make man aware of his actual position in the universe. And assure him that if he did so correctly and adopted an attitude of gratitude, would reach a favorable end. Instead, he would experience bad things if he chose the path of doubt.

Significance of surah Dahr

This surah has its significance due to its guidance for human beings. This surah tells us how to live in this world which would be better for us in the end. So, recite this surah and get guidance.

The significance can also be estimated from the benefits of this chapter. So, here I will tell you some miraculous benefits of surah dahr that you may be unaware of.

Surah Dahr Benefits

Like other chapters of the Quran, contains some special benefits for Muslims. These benefits are mentioned below;

1. Increase wealth 

Surah Dahr para 29 should be recited 75 times per day for 21 days. If someone wants to improve income, sustenance (Rizq), and the ability to fulfill desires, then recite it.

2. The reward for memorizing Surah Insan

One, who recites Sura Insan, particularly on Thursday mornings, will be granted 100 houries and 4,000 slaves in Jannah. As well as a location near that of the Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.W).

3. Win a war 

It gives success when recited in battle. So, recite this surah if you want to get successful in war.

4. To solve heart issues 

For people who have cardiac issues, drinking water that contains this Surah and is dissolved in it is beneficial.

5. Improve your self-confidence

An individual with poor self-esteem, who frequently recites surah Dahr full, will develop great self-confidence and self-esteem.

6. Better your mental health

This surah is beneficial to one’s mental health and disposition. It is very beneficial for anxiety.

Help to get away from a tyrant leader

This Surah is highly useful for getting away from the oppressive leader. To get rid of the oppressive leader, whoever recites this surah three times daily for 21 days. He will be protected from a terrible despot and his tyranny, Inshallah.

1. An effective cure for piles

The verses in Surah 29–31 are particularly powerful for clearing piles. Recite these verses 17 times over the course of 40 days. According to some Islamic scholars, they blow on the water to find healing from the illness.

2. To avoid the annoying person

If someone is making fun of you and you need to get away from him, read this surah. Recite Dahr surah, verses 23 and 24 113 times over the course of 13 days. Inshallah, which he wishes to be free of, he’ll get rid of it.

3. To develop new talents 

Recite Surah Dahr verses 33 times after Isha every day for 40 days to develop useful talents.

4. The reward of recitation on Friday

A person might view his position in the heavens before passing away by reciting this surah seven times on Friday.

Surah Dahr benefits marriage

Husband and wife can get benefit from this surah for their relationship. The husband and wife will fall in love whoever recites this Surah.

If the lady recites this Chapter 11 times for 11 days, then on the 11th day, repeat it while blowing on water, then present to her hubby. She will live in peace forever, and her spouse will adore her.

So, these are some surah ad Dahr benefits that can benefit you in this life and the Hereafter.

Final verdict 

In summary, Surah Dahr is the package of guidance for every Muslim. It describes the qualities of the Righteous and Disbelievers. And also tells about the punishment of disbelievers. It guides a man to do good otherwise you will get punishment for his wrongdoings.

So, recite this surah, get the advantage spiritually, and also get rewards in the next life.


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