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You will learn that Surah, also known as Surah Al Teen, is of great virtue and has a high standing. If you ask for information, what are the Surah at Tin benefits? The worth of reciting this surah is equivalent to that of reciting any other Surah of the Quran.  

But in terms of benefits, this surah is one of the significant surahs of the Quran.

 Facts About Surah At-Tin 

It is the 95th chapter of the Quran and contains 5 verses. This surah was revealed in Makkah on Prophet (PBUH). This surah was named after a fruit with the name of tin known as a fig in English.

 Surah At-Tin Meaning 

It focuses on the exalted rank of man, his potential for degradation, and the reward or retribution. That awaits those who uphold their Divine status and those who don’t.

Surah at Tin benefits

Let’s discuss the benefits of Surah tin in detail.

To prevent the poison from food: When this surah is recited over food before consumption. Even if the food contains a fatal poison. Allah would not allow it to contain any harmful ingredients. 

To find the lost thing: If you want to find your missing items, recite this surah seven times. You will get your lost thing inshAllah.

Reward in paradise: Those who recite it throughout their required and voluntary prayers will receive anything they desire from Paradise.

Surah tin benefits in pregnancy: If the lady wishes to deliver a boy and is pregnant. Therefore, recite Surah At-Tin 11 times, and blow on some water. And then give the water to a pregnant lady throughout the pregnancy. 

Allah SWT will, inshallah, provide them with good news and make them joyful. The baby boy will be born by her. 

To avoid insects at home: If a person’s home is attacked by insects. So say this Surah aloud for 11 days. Sprinkle salt where the insects are and blow salt on them. Insha’Allah, they’ll flee and never enter your home. 

So, Surah at Tin benefits will help you to clean your houses from insects.

To bring back a runaway person: This surah is the most effective for bringing a runaway back to you. If someone is fleeing and you wish to help him. So, recite this Surah 100 times. The fugitive will return.

For the love of Allah: If someone is being careless and enjoying this world. Recite this Surah three times each day for 17 days. Blow on his meal.

He will become more interested in religion. He’ll begin to offer prayers to Allah SWT. His heart will change to reflect religious principles. He will be world-hating. ​

Surah tin wazifa: If somebody wants to defeat their adversary while becoming friends with them. Therefore, He shall recite this Surah 41 times each day for 21 days after Isha prayer. InshaAllah, the animosity between them will end. They are great buddies for life.

Surah at Tin benefits will give you ease in your life.

  • If someone desires to appear attractive, upon gazing at the mirror, this Surah should be recited for 90 days. Then he blows on His Face and Hands. Insha’Allah, His entire body, and face will gleam.
  • If someone has bedbugs in their home, 3 times daily for 21 days, repeat this Surah. Spray some water on the bed and scatter it about. Hopefully, bedbugs will go away.

Final Verdict

In summary, this deals with belief and monotheism, as it deals with the honouring of Almighty Allah for the human. Also discusses the topic of believing in account and reward.So, Surah at Tin benefits are numerous. And this surah can help a person in different ways by reciting it.

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