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The 101st chapter of the Quran is Surah Al Qariah and contains 11 verses. It is a Makki Surah. What does Surah al Qariah ayat 1-5 say?

Summary of ayat 1-5 of Surah Qariah 

The first five verses of this surah provide a complete image while also providing a warning regarding the end day. Overall, this Surah depicts Decision Day and all the events leading up to it.


  • Qariah means “the striking one” in Arabic. Qar means to strike something so forcefully that it makes noise. Given its literal definition, the word “qariah” is used to refer to terrible calamities and significant disasters.
  • Then Allah says, what exactly is Calamity? What else could inform you about the Calamity? This is one of just two Surahs in the Qur’an where the first three ayat are written in a similar fashion.

The phrase “The Striking Calamity” is spoken for the first time in an undefined way.

  • What is a striking calamity, Allah asks in the next ayah as though He had seen our thinking? Now that this calls for a response, Allah discloses ayah 3 and responds to the preamble’s query, “And what may make you realize? What is the Sudden Calamity?”

When a person’s curiosity causes them to question what this disaster is? Allah warns us that no one can truly know unless He tells us.

  • When humans return from the graves, they will scatter like beetles and end up going in one of two directions: destruction or complete happiness

In Surah al Qariah ayat 1-5, ayah5 depicts the picture of mountains on the Day of Decision.To illustrate how mountains will seem on the Day of Resurrection, Allah uses the example of wool in this ayah. 

  • We shall see delicate mountain fibres soaring into the air like wool on the Day of the Resurrection. Mountains that we now perceive as being strong and substantial. They will eventually become soft and lightweight like wool and soar into the air. 

Benefits of Surah al Qariah ayat 1-5 

  • A reminder of the end of the world. And how it will seem will make us stop and consider before we act, keeping us from doing inappropriately.
  • Mountains would resemble fluffed-up wool, therefore those of us who are weak must reflect a lot on how small we are in comparison to Allah’s majesty.
  • Because Allah is the most just, we must put our faith in His justice.

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, Surah al Qariah ayat 1-5 explains how people would behave that day and the mountain would be crushed. Basically, it describes the whole picture of the Day of Decision.

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