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Madni Surah In Quran

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The sole book Quran that Allah gave to Muslims to instruct and direct them on the surest route. The Quran comprises surahs. These surahs are separated from one another (Makki or Madani). This article will tell you the names of Madni surah in the Quran.

How many Madni Surah in Quran?

The Holy Quran has a total of 28 Madni Surahs. All Quranic verses and chapters disclosed after the Hijrah are referred to as Madni revelations. This contains verses that came to light during conflicts. 

As well as, passages that came to light in Makkah and Mina during and following the Farewell Pilgrimage. Because they reflect the reveals of the second phase of the Islamic movement. During which the Islamic state was being established, all of these verses are regarded as Madni.

List of madani surah in Quran

Here is the list which includes names of Madani surah in Quran and their meanings;

Surah Name Meaning
Surah Al Baqarah the Cow
Surah Al e Imran the Family of ‘Imran
Surah An Nisa Women
Surah Al Maaeda the Table
Surah An Faal the Spoils
Surah Towba Repentance
Surah Al Raad Thunder
Surah Al Haj the Pilgrimage
Surah Al Noor the Light
Surah  Al Ahzab the Confederates
Surah Muhammad  
Surah Al Fatah Victory   
Surah Al Hujraat Apartments
Surah Al Rehman the All-beneficent
Surah Al Hadeed Iron  
Surah Al Mujadelah the Pleader
Surah Al Hashr the Banishment
Surah Al Mumtahina the Tested Woman
Surah Al Saaf Ranks
Surah Al Juma Friday
Surah Al Munafiqon the Hypocrites
Surah Al Tagabun Dispossession
Surah Al Talaq Divorce
Surah Al Tahreem the Forbidding
Surah Al Insan Man
Surah  Al Baeana the Proof
Surah Al Zalzalah the Quake
Surah Al Nasar the Help

Longest Madani surah

In general, Madni Surah is lengthier. Madni Surah represents a third of the Quran. Surah Baqarah is the first full Madni Surah.

Madani Surah attributes

In order to escape the harsh, terrible, and cruel treatment of Muslims by mushriks. The Last Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) moved to the city of Madina. The Holy Quran’s revelation is separated into the Makki and Madni surahs as a result.

Total Madni surah in Quran

The total number of 28 are madni surahs. It’s important to note that the verses were revealed at Hudaybiyah, which is not far from Makkah. And even those verses that were disclosed in Makkah during the invasion of Makkah, are both regarded as Madani.

Number of madni surah in Quran

The total number of Madani surah in the Quran is 28. About ten years passed during the Medinan period. The era began with Muhammad’s journey to Madina and ended with his passing. 

While the concepts of the Meccan quranic verses are still there. It is now obvious that the Muslim community is expanding and the Ummah is being formed.

The Madni Surahs’ philosophy

As the total Madni surah in Quran are 28, The idea or focal point of Madni surahs was;


In a Nutshell, there are 28 Madni surah in the Quran. Madni surahs are revealed after the Hijrah of the Prophet (PBUH). Allah has outlined the guidelines and given permission for waging jihad against non-Muslims in the Madni surah. 

So, Madni surahs disclose many aspects to all of us. We should understand the theme behind every surah.

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