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Islam tells us about all the limitations of human beings in every matter. So, in this article, we will see that is kissing zina. If you think about it, this question will arise in your mind. Islam is a religion that talks openly about every matter of life.

So, for guidance, we will see in the light of Islam whether kissing is considered zina or not. This article will help you in finding the exact answer to this question.

What is zina?

Firstly we will understand the actual meaning of zina and see which things are included in zina. And will also discuss in detail that is it a sin in Islam to kiss.

In Islamic law, the term “Zina” refers to adulterous relations. Any sexual behavior that takes place apart from a real marriage is illegal according to Islamic law.

In Islam, what is disallowed before a marriage?

The temptation for zina-producing activities, such as

· Kissing someone

· To be alone 

· Touching someone

· Gazing

· Sexual relationship before marriage 

These things are not permitted in Islam because they are all prohibited and lead to zina, the greater evil. According to this Hadith; Sahih al-Bukhari 5889 and Muslim 2657.

Hopefully these Hadith will help you to learn about is kissing zina or not? We’ll also now learn more about zina.

Why do people do zina?

The Muslim must respect his or her Creator in private and in public.  And avoid what Allah forbade.And they spend alone time with a person of the other sex, seeing, holding hands, and kissing. And do other haram behaviours result in zina’s unethical deed.

Precautions to get away from Zina

Islam also tells us the precautions to get away from this evil thing. Due to the horrible aspect of zina, Allah commands His believers 

  • To  low their eyes.
  • Protect the purity.

One of the factors contributing to heart sickness is letting one’s attention wander the happening of wrongdoings. This is proved by these two ayahs. Al-Quran (Al-Noor 24:30-31)

Punishment for doing zina

Zina is considered a major sin in Islam. So, the punishment for committing zina is very severe. Both genders receive the same punishment for zina. Unmarried people receive 100 lashes, while married people are stoned to death. 

How to repent for this sin?

Anyone who has engaged in any of the above activities must confess their sins to Allah, who will accept their repentance. And will treat them as though they had not sinned.

Saying the five prayers daily on time and with regularity is among the best ways to apologise for such sins. 

So, here is the question: is kissing considered zina. Let’s discuss it in detail in the light of Islam.

Islamic law on kissing before marriage

Most individuals are aware that it’s prohibited to kiss an unknown person before marriage. Numerous hadiths and religious verses support this idea. Furthermore, there is a hadith that expressly bans this activity.

We may conclude that it is forbidden for Muslims of both genders to hug and kiss. Also, it is strictly forbidden to engage in other interpersonal conduct with someone who is not their mahram.

Is kissing Haram before marriage? 

The term “zina” is most often used to refer to genuine adultery and immorality. It can also refer to any actions that result in zina. So, kissing is considered a zina involving both contact and the tongue.

The zina of hands is when someone touches someone who isn’t Muslim out of sexual attraction. Similarly, gazing in someone’s eyes is also the zina of eyes.

Because of this, Islam outlaws flirting, caressing, and lusty conversation before getting married. It helps to close all possible pathways to zina.

In Islam, what is the penalty for kissing an unknown?

Is kissing zina contain any punishment? Islam forbids the execution of someone for merely kissing another person. If four witnesses to haram conduct are present. The retribution will only be applied in cases of immorality or adultery.  

What should you do if you kissed someone before you get married?

It will not be the end of the universe if you kiss someone else before getting married. Whether it was the individual you are getting married to or another individual.

It’s still possible to turn to God and repent. Your prior mistake will be removed. And it will be substituted with a reward if you only repeat it to Allah SWT in a sincere manner.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, according to several hadiths, it is proved that kissing someone before marriage is haram. So, the question is kissing zina also described above in detail. And kissing is also considered a part of zina in Islam.

Although there is no certain punishment mentioned for kissing someone before marriage it is not Halal. So, don’t attract those things that are forbidden in Islam. And if you have committed something then ask Allah for forgiveness.

Protect your self from such type of activities always recite dua for patience. In this way Allah will bless upon you and protect your from all evil deeds.


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