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Do Muslims have the right to curse? Islam forbids using curse words because it is the most dangerous verbal act. Many individuals treat it lightly and thus curse their friends, children, and others who have opposing opinions. In this article, I will discuss; is cursing haram in Islam. Also, describe the meaning of cursing in Islam.

Meaning of curse in Islam 

Being “forced out of good” is how one defines cursing. It is said to be an accusation and a call to be cut off from the Almighty and the creation. 

According to some speakers, when individuals curse. They are expressing their desire to have the person they are cursing removed from God’s grace. This can be done by insulting or revealing them. 

The behaviour of a sincere believer cannot possibly be like this. Cursing a believer is regarded as the worst offence a Muslim should ever dare to do.

What does Islam say about cursing?

The term curse in Islamic language refers to avoiding Divine Mercy. Therefore it is forbidden to curse anybody, according to scholars. Cursing is unacceptable since no one can predict the sort of death that will await them. We must avoid cursing Muslims, non-believers, and even quadrupeds because of this.

However, a curse like this, or one without a name, like a curse on the unjust or transgressors, is permitted. When we know for sure under Shariah that a specific individual would definitely perish on disbelief. Like Abu Jahl or Iblees.

Is it haram to curse?

Here the question arises is cursing haram? A Muslim is not allowed to curse an individual, an animal, or an item by name. It is only permitted to refer to oppressors or evildoers in generic terms without revealing their specific names.

One of the worst crimes that a Muslim should never dare to do is curse another believer. Here is a Hadith from the Holy Prophet (P.B.U) that will help you understand the seriousness of this mistake.

Is it ok to curse when you are angry?

When a person cannot control his emotions, he insults, swears, strikes, and uses foul language. Anger could be a gateway to other forms of evil. Frequently, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) gave people the advice not to lose their temper.

The Prophet (PBUH) considered that the strongest of men is the one who is able to manage his anger.

Is it haram to curse in your head?

Is cursing haram in your mind? Even if it may appear in the mind as a preoccupation. Similar to jealousy, if exposed or converted into action against anyone, would be a sin.

One sin that has an exterior component is using vulgar language. Most jurisprudents and professors of ethics, depending on traditions like hadith raf’a has stated that it is not a sin.

When he doesn’t truly and sincerely repent, that is. He will be pardoned if he truly repents, apologizes to the person he has insulted, and satisfied him by carrying out kind actions.

 Is it permissible to curse an animal?

Is cursing haram on animals? Cursing individual animals or items by name is prohibited.

People’s luggage was being carried by a young woman riding a camel. The woman instructed the camel to go. When she spotted the Prophet (PBUH) and the mountain route had grown narrow. She cried out, “O Allah, curse it!” while it remained still.

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Hadith about cursing others

Cursing individuals without justification can lead to a variety of dangers. An opportunity to intercede on the Day of Resurrection will not be given to anyone who engaged in cursing. 

It is only acceptable to condemn wrongdoers generally without mentioning their specific names. As is done frequently throughout the Quran and Sunnah to alert people to their sinful conduct.

Is it haram to curse? It is completely described in the above hadiths. So, as a Muslim, don’t curse others.

Disadvantages of cursing 

  •  If a Muslim curses someone who doesn’t deserve it. The curse will come back to haunt him both here and in the Hereafter.
  • A Muslim who curses another person is seriously putting at risk their safety. Because only Allah knows whether that person truly merits His curse. This is why it’s truly more common for people to curse themselves than others.

In general, Muslims shouldn’t make it a practice to supplicate bad things. Like calling upon Allah’s curse, punishment, or the fires of Hell.

Punishment of cursing 

The punishment of cursing will demonstrate you actually, is cursing haram.

  • The cursor would receive retribution in the shape of a scorpion in the afterlife, according to the saying of Hazrat Ali. For each curse word, he spoke during this life. This alone should be enough to give anyone shivers.
  •  According to this Hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), anyone who regularly curses and uses profanity in their speech. He would be a member of Hell’s prisoners.
  • We learn from another Hadith how crucial it is to stay away from curses. Therefore, if we develop the practice of cursing, ruin is our unavoidable end. But this time, instead of being addressed to a specific individual, it is to the Ummah.

As this Hadith demonstrates if the curser develops this practice of using foul words. He may stumble and engage in other crimes.

Therefore, we must stop cursing in order to prevent committing further sins. In addition to the fact that it is wicked and has a heavy penalty in the Hereafter.

Final verdict

In summary, is Cursing Haram or not? Muslims are not allowed to curse particular persons or animals by name. Only in broad terms and without mentioning specific individuals is it acceptable to condemn wrongdoers. Particularly if they’re Muslim believers, one should ask Allah for compassion. If they curse someone out of rage to atone for their transgression.

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