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Every chapter of the Quran is a package of blessings for Muslims. Similarly, In the Quran, there are some short but powerful surahs. And Allah placed big secret messages for Muslims behind these small surahs. So, the Surah Asr is one of those shortest surahs. 

It is sad to say that we recite this surah daily. But we are not focusing on understanding the secret messages behind this surah.

So, in this article, I will try to understand the meaning and message behind this surah to you. Also, focus on the benefits of Sura Asr. Firstly I will explain the meaning.

Surah Asr Meaning and Facts

The word Asr refers to ‘time’. The meaning of the title of this surah is “the declining day” (the evening). This surah was revealed in Mecca approximately 610-615 AD. It was revealed when the Prophet (P.B.U.H) announced His Prophethood.

This surah is 103 chapters of the Quran. There are 3 verses in it. In this surah, Allah Almighty takes oath on time.

Allah gives a message that a human being does not think about the present. But always thinking about the past and future is at a loss. Except those who always say Alhamdulillah which Allah gives them and does sabarr.

Surah Name Al-Asr  (ٱلْعَصْر)
Other Names Time and Age, Time, Afternoon, The Flight of Time 
Makki/Madni Makki
Quran Surah 103
No. of Verses 3
Position Juzʼ 30
When Revealed? 610-615 AD

Surah Asr Benefits

This Surah is a brief overview of all the knowledge and goals of the Quran. This surah gives us a lesson that we are losing time constantly. And it reminds us to do good deeds in this life to save from hellfire.

So, here I am going to tell you the Surah Al Asr benefits that can compel you to take advantage of this surah.

1. Motivation for good deeds

As seen above, we have understood the message in this surah. Basically, this surah acts as a reminder to awake Muslims that now you have time. Do something good. It motivates the reciter to save to do good deeds in this life.

2. Increase Patience level

When you recite this surah, then automatically your patience level will be increased. Additionally, your Iman will be strong. And those who do patience then Allah will reward them on the Day of Judgement. 

3. To get a shiny face

If you want to get a shiny face with joyful features and enter paradise on judgement day. Then recite this surah every day after all the prayers. This will be the reward for reciting this surah.

4. Solve health issues

This surah will also help to solve your health issues. Like, if you have a stomach issue and you are sick then recite surah 11 times with strong faith. And blow on water and give the patient.

5. Increase Harmony and love

If you want to spread harmony and love all around, then this surah is the best solution for this. Because this will be only possible if everyone has a high patience level.

6. Importance of time

The main benefits of sura asr is that it will remind you of the importance of time. Also, remind yourself that it is not too late, so do good deeds and save yourself from hell.

7. For your safety

If you recite this surah and also write it on paper, then keep it with you. You will be safe from any dictator if you stand against Him. Because then Allah is with you for your protection.

8. Safety of your valuable things

If you recite this surah where you kept your valuable and expensive things, then your things will be safe at that place and nobody can find it. Until you take it out.

9. Sabr and shukr

This surah is all about patience and thanks to Allah. So, when you recite this surah, then the spirit of thanks to Allah will be increased. Also, Allah said that if you thanked me, then I will give you more.

10. The Allah is only God

Among all the benefits of Sura Asr, the best benefit is that this surah also firms the iman on Allah. Reciting this surah also reminds us that God is the only one. And He is the only creator who is most merciful and kind.

11. Solution of daily life problems

This surah is the best solution to your daily life problems. If you face any difficulty in your life, then recite this surah and then make a prayer from Allah.

Final verdict

In summary, the benefits of Sura Asr will compel you to recite this surah. It is thought that the entire Quran is included in this short surah. Also, this surah gives a message of patience in every situation. The main motive of this surah is to spread love between one another.

So, recite this surah to seek guidance and save yourself from hellfire on the Day of Judgement.

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