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Are Parents Responsible For Their Children’s Sins

Are Parents Responsible For Their Children Sins

Does God Punish Children For The Sins Of Their Parents?

One of a child’s rights to his parents is that they must teach him about halals and harams. And provide him with religious instruction. So, the important question is: Are parents responsible for their children’s sins?

 Parental responsibilities

The main duty of parents is to guide their children through right and wrong. If a person has a good understanding of Islam and even a little common sense. He will see that failing to guide and educate children makes one accountable for whatever deviation the kid may make.

The parents are in charge of giving their kids a proper upbringing and instilling moral values in them. And preventing them from being exposed to evil and corruption since failing to do so would be wicked.

Are Parents Responsible For Their Children’s Sins In Islam?

The parents are responsible for their children because it is required for them to work to keep them away from the Fire. Obey Allah’s instructions, and refrain from doing anything He has forbidden.

If the parents uphold the commandment to provide their children with a healthy upbringing and do so without fail. Then it is not their fault if their offspring deviate. Allah says in the Quran;

“And no bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another” [al-An’aam 6:164

One of the foundations of true Islamic justice is that each person is responsible for his misdeeds. And he is not responsible for the faults of others unless he is directly responsible for those sins.

Now the answer to this question is are parents responsible for their children’s sins is clear.

Account of parents 

If parents failed to provide their children with a proper upbringing. They will be found responsible before Allah for the misdeeds of the children. Since they failed in the duty that Allah had assigned to them. According to Hadith;

Also the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W): “every one of you is a guardian and is responsible for the people under his guardianship”. [bukhari:7138]

However, if they raised their kids well but later turned to sin. The parents would no longer be answerable to Allah because their duty had been completed.

Are Parents Responsible for Their Children’s Behavior?

Children’s behaviour is primarily under the control of their parents. Children are more likely to have good self-esteem, a developed conscience, and the ability to form rewarding relationships. If parents support their emotional needs from an early age. 

Parents must be responsive and empathic in their responses to a variety of needs to foster a stable relationship. Children are more prone to lack conscience if their parents react negatively.


In summary, parents are responsible for their children’s acts. Are parents responsible for their children’s sins? Yes, it is true because this is the parents’ responsibility to bring up a child with good moral values.

So parents need to give their children a manner to differentiate between good and bad.

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